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Aerial photography was once the domain of the military, high-end developers (casinos, condos, and country clubs, oh my!), and billion-dollar football franchise owners who could afford to keep the Goodyear Blimp on retainer. Today, however, small, unmanned aerial vehicles have made capturing bird’s-eye-views of nearly everything practical and cost-effective. Human photographers still take to the skies to obtain one-of-a-kind images, but in both cases, high-definition video equipment joins forces with sophisticated gyroscopic stabilizers affixed to sophisticated video drones, serve to capture steady shots and produce perfect photos…perfectly. No matter what you want to film, aerial videography helps you show the world what you have to offer from an entirely new angle.

Real estate agents aren’t the only ones to realize the potential of a broader view. Now land surveys can be made more quickly and accurately, property inspections have become simpler, and agriculture benefits from the way aerial views with crop-planning efforts. The hospitality business gets a big boost when guests can visit sun-drenched resorts before they even decide to leave home. The coolest concert date becomes even cooler when those who can’t be there in person get a front row seat in their very own living rooms. Happy couples can even capture the moment they said “I do” in “high” style. The possibilities are as endless as the imaginations that dream them up.

It’s good news in a world where social media sites are the most powerful marketing tools available. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and similar sites have billions of users just waiting to view something new and unusual. That’s an enormous audience just waiting for someone to submit content they can’t resist. However, well-“liked” videos share a few simple characteristics: great camera work, excellent editing, and optimization that makes them stand out on social media platforms. Since most of us aren’t experts in video formatting, and may think an “aspect ratio,” is something they use to pair you up on an online dating site, it’s good to know that professional aerial videographers can do the dirty work while you enjoy the spoils.

Sight, sound, and motion are the keys to audience engagement, and Watson Media offers the services you need to get noticed. We’ll capture the unique aerial video you want; and then expertly edit and optimize it so it gets the maximum exposure it deserves. It’s a win-win situation, and nothing could be simpler when you want results that are as lofty as your goals.

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