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A Good Image is a Bad Thing to Waste

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Think back to your days in high school. One false move and your rep could be ruined until graduation. If those days aren’t so long ago, the efficiency of social media probably made things ten times worse in half the time. What you really could’ve used was some serious image support. A good PR strategy is like preventative medicine, and when a positive online presence can be more precious than gold, so you want to protect it at all costs. Blemishes can be tough (and expensive) to fix, so they are best avoided.

The same thing applies when you run a business. One bad review can slash sales, sink search engine results, and be seriously difficult to get rid of. This is even tougher when you consider the fact that the search engine results seem to change by the minute. The best way to maintain a good reputation is to be proactive and prevent problems before they happen. Professional online reputation management can help make it happen.

Be super social

For all its good points social media can spread bad vibes about your business faster than an airborne virus. To insulate yourself from negative posts destined to go viral, you need to keep active. Updating your social media profiles regularly can have a great effect on building your online presence. Linking your profiles together can help to increase your “footprint” as well as encourage more likes and shares. It all adds up to greater control over the search engine results, and more SERP power means that negatives have less of a chance to stick. A little professional oversight can be useful in helping you make sure that you’ve got all your channels covered.

Blogs away!

Blogs are one of the best ways to get your brand out. Because the material (should) always be changing, they have the ability to attract greater traffic than sites where content remains static. Perhaps you sell lady’s fashions from your online boutique in Palm Coast. Why not start a blog that provides useful tips for affordable accessorizing? If it’s well-written and interesting, the material is more likely to get the likes and shares which help to improve your rankings. It also helps to establish you as an authority in your niche and build trust and brand loyalty with your customers. If you’re not an ace with the pen (or the keyboard), obtain the services of Watson Media who provides well-written content for an affordable price.

Creativity is king

Building and retaining a reputation which can withstand the occasional slap takes creativity. Videos are one of the best ways to encourage creativity. While you can always post interesting or informative material yourself, why not let your customers get in on the act. Maybe you own a Port Orange pantyhose plant. Why not invite people to post videos of themselves using nylons in funny or inventive ways. Videos get good rankings and videos people like get even better rankings.

Maintain your domain

An excellent way to protect your good name is to make sure that you own and register domain names identical or similar to your own. New social networks are popping up all the time, so you want to be sure that other sites won’t be mistaken for your own just because and look an awful lot alike.

If you don’t invest time and energy in your online reputation, you can be certain that someone else will do it for you. This means that you need a positive presence that can protect you from potential pitfalls. Watson Media of Daytona Beach provides reputation management services so you can go about the business of running your business. They have the power to protect your image by building a pervasive presence and shielding you from malicious intent. Contact us today to discuss your online reputation management needs.

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