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Web HostingWhat to Look for in Web Hosting

Without hosting, nothing happens…and there’s no place for it to happen. If you need a website on which to advertise and sell Daytona Beach’s coolest custom beach towels, you’ll also need a place to put it. Unless you can pull server space out of thin air, a web host is your new best friend.

You get what you pay for

Just like the whole house upon the rock and house upon the sand thing, your online presence requires a stable and secure foundation. Before you start, consider your business’s unique needs so your hard work isn’t wasted on a disappointingly-dysfunctional website. While free hosting which will suffice for site on which to display family vacation photos, businesses need the functionality that comes with paid hosting service. Because these services include a number of features your business will need anyway, they save you money by offering convenient, one-stop shopping.

Pick a platform

Depending on your needs, several varieties of hosting platform are available. If you are expecting a few to a few thousand visitors each day, shared hosting can save you money. Shared servers support a number of sites which share resources. While they can support a number of sites comfortably, there is the occasional possibility of reduced performance when the other sites are particularly active. Dedicated servers are the better option if you expect thousands of visitors every day. As the only site on the server, there’s no worrying about traffic jams slowing down the works.

Bonus bandwidth and domain dominance

Web hosting offers a number of standard features the typical business needs. This includes bandwidth and disk space, of course, because you need a place to store everything. A package which offers both of these in an unlimited capacity is always a nice bonus. Since it’s a lot easier for customers to order out when all they have to remember is, having your own domain name is another imperative. A domain name also helps everything appear more professional and provides an excellent way to begin developing your brand image.

Shopping carts, email, and support

When you plan to sell online, shopping carts are another essential. Many times this option can be included with a few simple clicks. Most hosting companies also offer clients a specific number of email boxes through the domain name of their website. This not only makes it possible to keep in contact with visitors and customers, it also makes things look unified and professional. The promise of unlimited support services is one of the most important features of a good hosting package. This is especially true if you are new to website development, and can anticipate having a lot of questions.

Room to move

While many hosting companies offer packages which include an enormous amount of space most sites use only a fraction of the room allotted to them. There’s no reason to purchase an entire shopping plaza if you plan to set up a newspaper kiosk on the sidewalk, so you should avoid paying for “acreage” you don’t need. Simply purchase enough to set up shop with a little bit room to expand, so you can avoid going over what your package allows. Exceeding your space limit can mean having to move to an entirely new server. This is a gigantic pain because some site builders only work on a company’s own servers, so if you ever need to move, you’ll have to rebuild everything from the ground up.

Progress report

Last but not least, you’ll want to find a web host who provides the ability to track the progress of your site. By downloading convenient logs, you can monitor traffic, conversions, etc., in order to get a better view of what works well, and what needs be rethought.

While building a website can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Watson Media of Daytona Beach offers web hosting services to help you design a great website that will have you open for online business in no time. Call us today to discuss your web hosting needs.

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