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Take control of your online content with a powerful CMS Platform

CMS PlatformsMaking it easier for website owners to control their content

A CMS Platform or content management system, is a content system that is utilized to manage the rapidly changing content of a Web site. Typically, most CMS platforms consists of a few elements. The content management application, or CMA and the content delivery application, or CDA. The CMA part of the system allows the content author to manage the site through modification and removal of content from a Web site. This can all be done by someone may not know Hypertext Markup Language. It also makes managing your website without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. Features of some CMS systems vary, but the majority include a web based publisher, content format manager and edit control.

Watson Media is here to help setup CMS Platforms for Businesses in the Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna & Flagler Beach area. Let us help you make it easier to manage your website content without the hourly expense of a full time website manager.

The easy to use interface feature allows users to use a template or create a set of templates. It also offers the use of wizards and other tools to create and modify existing content. The format feature allows documents to be formatted into nicely displayed HTML or with certain CMS platforms, a Portable Document Format. The edit control feature allows the websites content to be updated to a newer version or restored to a previous version in the event of an accident. Edit control also tracks any changes made to files by the individuals who make them. Additional features such as indexing, search, and retrieval are also included in some CMS applications. This makes it easier for individuals to search for data or articles using keywords.

Most of the popular CMS systems today also provide tools for one on one marketing. Also known as One to one marketing, it is the ability of a Web site manger to tailor its content and advertisements to a user’s specific characteristics. This can be done by using information provided by the user or gathered by the site through the use of cookies. For example, when you visit a search engine to search for “Latest IPhone,” the CMS will use advertising banners from businesses that sell the latest IPhone instead of displaying ads from businesses that sell jewelry.

Two major factors should be considered before you decides to invest in a CMS. First, you need to look at the size and geographic dispersion of your company. This is especially true if your company is spread out over several countries. For these types of companies, the transition to CMS may be more difficult. Secondly, you must consider the diversity of forms used within company. If your company uses text documents, graphics, video, audio, and diagrams to convey information to the end user, the content may be more difficult to manage. This is where a CMS Platform will make it easier.

In today’s fast paced world of technology, it’s extremely rare to find a company or even an individual’s site to use a static site. This is true even when a content management system isn’t required. This is true due to the inexpensiveness of customizing free platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or Mambo. These open source platforms make it really cost effective to manage a CMS platform. This is why the majority of websites are now built on top of the WordPress Platform.

Watson Media is fluent in all major open source CMS platforms and can also take on larger, customized CMS applications. We would like the opportunity to speak to you about your business needs. Please pick up the phone or contact us by email today! We are here for you!

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