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It’s About Convenience and Cost

Content ManagementEliminating the bounce effect for a stronger website signal with content management.

Once upon a time, there was the webmaster. No, it’s not another clever nickname for Spiderman. The webmaster was that person you had to pay through the nose to keep your business site up and running so you could get down to business. There was no getting around it. Either you found someone who could do the job, or you did it yourself and had to live with the fact that a Kindergartner with a box of crayons could’ve done better. Today, content management services have sent the webmaster the way of the dodo bird and the rotary phone. Not only do they help you develop and maintain a great website, they eliminate the need to have another body lying around collecting a paycheck.

But why does content need management? Businesses have the same basic needs they’ve always had. However, the variety of digital assets that go into really good site far outnumbers those of a decade ago. This means that few people know how to do everything really well (embedding videos, content writing, keeping an up-to-date blog, etc.).  Commercially-available management tools have made it possible, but the task can be daunting. The attractive alternative is obtaining content management services such as those offered by Watson Media of Daytona-Beach. They offer a distinct advantage over do-it-yourself jobs because they do it every single day. By the time you’ve purchased all of the software you need and figured out how to use it, they could already have a great new website up and running for you. That means savings of both time and money.

Research shows that visitors who can’t find what they need within a minute or so of entering a site tend to bounce, never to return again.  You want to avoid this at all costs if you plan to sell some of those mouth-watering pastries to the good people of Ormond Beach. A fresh, functional, and high-quality website provides the experiences that keep people coming back for more, so they should be a top priority. When you want a competitive advantage, you want your content management done right.

Content management services provide an easy way to obtain specialist know-how without the specialist prices. Instead of an in-house team to handle design, creation, editing, publishing, reporting, etc., you get all of these services in a decentralized fashion. When you need your own employees to make contributions to the site, work flow engines make it possible to coordinate their efforts, without needing technical know-how. Their contributions help to develop a robust website which garners better results in the search engine rankings.

Improved customer service capabilities and better communication are other bonuses. When email is the only way to contact you, there’s a pretty good chance that some important messages will get lost in the “Spamosphere.” A site administered through a content management service provides a better alternative because people can get in touch with you through the site itself. This is a good thing because you want customers to find your Daytona Beach deli, and not some eatery three towns over.

Don’t worry…we didn’t forget the whole SEO business. Content management makes it more effective for several of reasons. Internal link structures give a big boost to SEO performance. This means that things like drop-down menus automatically work to improve your ranking. Good content management systems are like hardworking, SEO-friendly URL generators. Because these URLs are keyword-focused, they have a better chance of getting noticed when users conduct searches.

Content management is the key to the fabulous and feature-filled website you need quickly and affordably. It can mean real savings for your business, and boost profits by building traffic. Visitors will want to come back to you for their needs because they know they’ll find what they want the second they start searching. Why try to build and manage an entire site yourself when you can get it done by the best in the business? Take advantage of everything a good content management service has to offer, and you can spend your time doing the things you’re really great at.

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