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With over a decade of powering Email Campaigns for Small Businesses, we have streamlined our Email Marketing Agency Pricing to provide a more efficient & cost-effective Email Advertising solution.

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One Time Setup$250
Minimum Term6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months
Initial Review & Analysis
Existing Digital Asset Review
Email Service Provider & Host Review
Initial Email System Delivery Test
Initial Account Setup & Maintenance
Email Service Provider Account Setup
Email Hosting Provider Integration
Mailing List Acquisition
Mailing List Demographics Append
Mailing List Segmentation
Initial Conversion & User Tracking
Website Landing Pages
Landing Page Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
UTM parameters
Content Creation
Email Copy Writing
Landing Page Copy Writing
Email Coding, Design & Testing
Fixed Rendering
Responsive Rendering
Bootstrap Rendering
Email Rendering Testing
Advanced Rendering Testing
Campaign Management
Delivery Schedule Optimization
Demographic Target Optimization
A/B Testing
Lead Nurturing
Subscriber List Growth & Acquisition
CRM Integration & Sync
Inclusive Creative Assets
Stock Images: License Free
Stock Videos: License Free
Addon Creative Assets
Stock Image - Commercial License$3$3$3$3$3
Stock Video - Commercial License$25$25$25$25$25
Stock VR/AR Image: Commercial License$75$75$75$75$75
Original Images - Copyright ReleaseCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Original Video - Copyright ReleaseCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Customer Support
Monthly Performance Report Review
Weekly Status Report Review
Weekly Benchmark Report Review
KPI Report & Recommendations

$1,999.00Add to cart

$2,999.00Add to cart

$5,999.00Add to cart

$9,500.00Add to cart

$15,999.00Add to cart

Looking for a customized plan?

Drive Real Measurable Engagement

Backed by fiery copy-writing and physiological driven graphics, our Email Marketing Campaigns are powered by in-depth segmentation, demographic-specific content & sequenced automation.

Explore Other Watson Media Packages.

Different Packages For a More Powerful Impact

Level up your Digital Marketing game by pairing your Email Marketing package with one of our Website Design packages.  Leverage the entire spectrum of our Digital Expertise &  empower growth for your small business.

Web Development

An effective site is so much more than pretty looks.

Starting At $1,999 Read More

Search Engine
Optimization Packages

Take control of how your small business ranks in the Search Engine Results.

Starting At $300 Read More

eCommerce Development

We create unique shopping experiences for your brand that deliver.

Starting At $2,999 Read More

E-mail Marketing

We help your business turn email marketing into a revenue stream.

Starting At $1,999 Read More

Paid Advertising

Drive qualified leads and acquire new customers with us.

Starting At $500 Read More

Social Media
Marketing Packages

At Watson Media, we build brands by telling their stories.

Starting At $1,000 Read More

Email Marketing Made Simple

At Watson Media, we make it simple to build strong customer relationships, cultivate more sales and increase your customers LTV. Put our go-to-market email strategies to work for your business.

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