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Who is a well known aerial photographer?

Jordan Hammond is an Instagram favorite aerial photographer. He travels around the globe and captures stunning landscapes and travel shots from a bird’s-eye view.

Who is best known for capturing the first aerial photographs?

Gaspar Felix Tournachon (also known as Nadar) is credited for taking the first successful aerial photo in 1858 using a hot-air balloon 262 feet above Petit-Bicetre (now Petit-Clamart); his original photos are now lost.

Why are historical aerial photographs important?

Aerial photography is a valuable record of land use, landcover conditions and other information. It often dates back to the 1930s. There was no other source of remotely-sensed imagery before the 1970s. The majority of national forests use repeat Photography for approximately 10 years.

Why is aerial photography used?

Aerial photography is a popular tool in archaeological prospection because it can identify site locations, monitor changes over time and even uncover subsurface features using topsoil characteristics and stereoscopic inspection of images (Figure 7).

What is the meaning of aerial surface?

1.2 (of a portion of a plant) when it is above ground. 1.2 (of a part of a plant) growing above ground.


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