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Why portrait photography is important?

Portrait photography is all about capturing the essence of a person’s personality, identity, and attitude using backgrounds, lighting, and posing. It is essential to get a photograph that looks natural and allows the subject to shine through.

Why is 85mm lens good for portraits?

The 85mm lens’ telephoto nature means that you can get the same shots with them from a greater distance than the 50mm. This is because they are more telephoto. Because they are not distorting facial features and offer compression, the 85mm focal length makes portraits easy.

Which photographer is known for celebrity portraits?

Mario Testino, a fashion photographer, is well-known for his celebrity portraits of the Royal Family, Kate Moss, and Madonna. The Testino trademark refers to taking lifestyle photos of subjects in large groups, reenacting everyday life.

Who is the best photographer in BTS?

BTS: Cosmopolitan Korea has selected V as the #1 idol for taking the best photos because of his artistic sensibility. Some of our favorite BTS members’ photos were actually taken by V, who is as fond a photographer as Vante.

Who is V favorite photographer?

BTS’ V has discovered a new passion in photography over the last few days. V is now a fan of Ante Badzim’s work as a Sydney-based photographer. He tweeted V some of his work after V shared that he was an inspiration for him. Ante was quickly re-appreciated.


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