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Why do real estate photos look so good?

This is the most common trick in photography that you will see in real estate listings. Interior photos taken using a wide-angle lens can make a space appear larger than it actually is. This is because a wide-angle lens can capture a wider field of vision than the human eyes.

Why are drones used in real estate?

Aerial imagery obtained by drones will be a world apart from traditional photography. This allows the buyer to gain a better understanding of the terrain. Multiple listing service (MLS) statistics show that properties with aerial imagery are 68% less likely to sell than properties without it.

What is a creative fee for photography?

Photographers may charge a post-prom fee for any work they do after a shoot (returning equipment or mailing hard drives, etc.). Some photographers choose to include it in their Creative Fee or Photography Fee. The ‘Creative Fee rolls the photography fee (e.g., Day rate, and the licensing fee (usage fees) are combined into one fee.

What is a real estate photographer called?

Photographing a realtor is more complicated than you might imagine. It involves more than you might think. Working alongside real estate agents to photograph homes and commercial real estate is the best way to get into real estate photography. You might also want to explore stock photography for real estate.

What is commercial real estate photography?

Commercial Real Estate Photography. Show your customers photos of your office, business, or building. Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability for commercial real estate.


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