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Why should everyone have a professional headshot?

A great headshot can give potential customers a sense of who you are. A smile can make a big difference. Confidence. Confidence is key to making a good impression when speaking with potential clients.

Why do I need a business headshot?

A professional headshot can boost your confidence and the confidence of others in your professional abilities. If you take yourself seriously, others will too.

Whats the purpose of a headshot?

Your headshot should reflect professionalism, personality, and brand, if applicable. Professional headshots show that you care. This will be translated by potential employers as a better work ethic, greater accountability. This is your chance to be noticed if you are in a creative field.

When should you get professional headshots?

Professional headshots to be used when you need a photo of yourself to show who you are as an individual. It is important to keep professional headshots on hand in case you need them.

Where can I take business headshots?

An excellent place to take headshots is indoors. The hardest part of lighting is getting the proper lighting. Make sure you take the time to find a spot that does not have direct sunlight streaming onto your face.


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