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Why do you need a spokesperson?

Any business that wants to improve their reputation and build their brand is going to need a good spokesperson. They give life to your organization and communicate your messages effectively to the media and the public.

Who is BJP spokesperson?

Sambit Patra, born 13 December 1974, is the National Spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Why do companies have a spokesperson?

A spokesperson is a human extension for an organization’s brand and makes it more relatable and trustworthy. A spokesperson can help companies respond quickly to media inquiries without leaving a gap that other competitors can use to increase awareness.

What makes a good spokesperson?

Because they are sensitive about the impact their words have on others, good speakers monitor and carefully choose their words. They pay attention to their audience and are sensitive to boundaries. They know how to motivate people to take positive action and what will make them switch off.

What spokesperson means?

A person who speaks on behalf of another person or for a group.


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