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Who can create email templates in Salesforce?

Each user has their own private templates. All users can also access public templates. You can manage who can edit, delete, or create public templates. This applies to Lightning and Email Template Creator email templates. You can allow users to decide who can use which email template.

Why do we need email templates?

Email templates allow you to see forwarding and unsubscribe rates, as well conversion rates. This allows you to see if your email is being shared or removed from their contact list. You can choose what information you want to track. The important thing is to use a suitable template and only track the most important things to you.

Why do we use email templates?

An email template is an HTML file you can use to create email campaigns. Good templates allow you to copy and paste your content into the template. They will render on mobile, desktop, and across different email service providers. The same template can be used again and again to create multiple campaigns with different content.

Where are lightning email templates stored?

By default, Lightning email templates are stored in a private directory. Each user can edit both their private templates as well as any public templates they have. You can also edit, delete, or create public templates if you have the Manage Public Lightning Email Templates Permission.

Where are the email templates in Salesforce?

You can access your email templates by following the steps: To access public templates, go to setup and enter Classic Email Templates into the Quick Find box. Next, select Classic Email Templates. You can edit private templates if you do not have permission.


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