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Why should I work for AWS?

AWS is a place where customers are obsessed; there’s a builder culture and community investment. Diversity and inclusion are some of the reasons why I love working here. Others might have different answers, and I’d love to share their stories in a future article.

Why is azure better than AWS?

AWS had been in operation for nearly 7 years. As a result, they had more capital and infrastructure and offered better and more scalable services. Amazon was able to add more servers to their cloud infrastructure and make greater use of economies of scale, something Azure was struggling to do.

Why are customers moving to AWS?

Migration to AWS Cloud will increase your competitive advantage, increase business value, modernize your infrastructure, and improve your overall infrastructure. You can do it! It is time to get on board with AWS Cloud.

Who uses AWS Marketplace?

Anyone can use AWS Marketplace to buy and sell. A seller could be an independent software vendor (ISV), consultant partner, managed service provider (MSP), or any other person who offers AWS products and/or services.

Who is AWS consultant?

A Cloud Consultant is someone who suggests design and development teams to improve the Cloud Architecture or Cloud Application. He will work with other teams to review the architecture and make suggestions if necessary.


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