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Why is azure so popular?

FLEXIBILITY and SCALABILITY. The Azure platform is secure, scalable, and provides performance-efficient storage services in the Cloud. It is easy to scale up by changing the settings to specify the processors used for your applications.

Which is better salesforce or Azure?

Reviewers found Salesforce CRM to be easier to use, manage, and do business within general when comparing the two solutions. Reviewers preferred Azure Cloud Services’ ease-of-use for setting up. … Salesforce CRM was voted the best option for ongoing product support compared to other options.

Who should do azure certification?

Candidates who have basic knowledge of Azure can apply for the Azure DevOps certificate. Two scenarios can be used to apply for the Azure DevOps expert certification. Candidates must hold an associate-level certificate as either an Azure developer or an Azure administrator.

Why AWS is popular than Azure?

AWS offers a more flexible pricing model than AWS. AWS continues to expand its support for hybrid clouds. Hybrid Cloud Space-Organizations that excel in Hybrid Cloud Spaces can integrate Cloud instances with onsite servers. Azure has limited Linux options and is still developing its partner ecosystem.

What language does Azure use?

Azure Websites supports popular programming languages like. NET, Java, PHP, Node. js and Python


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