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Who uses digital ocean?

DigitalOcean: Who uses it? DigitalOcean is used by 2681 companies, including BlaBlaCar, Accenture, and Stack.

Why is DigitalOcean bad?

DigitalOcean’s pricing is much higher than other providers. They not only change the prices of their VPSs but also charge bandwidth overages. This makes DigitalOcean an unwise choice for apps with high traffic (e.g., video sharing, VPN, etc. (

Why My Digital Ocean account is locked?

A ticket should be opened on an account if it is locked or suspended due to non-billing reasons. If you do not see one, please open a ticket so our team can help you regain access. Digital Ocean, I have already paid for the account but cannot access my items from the server.

Why should I use DigitalOcean?

It is easy to set up and supports various operating systems. DigitalOcean is an excellent option for people who offer managed hosting services for websites or web applications in shared environments. This tool is excellent for tech-savvy startups. Uses the What You See is What You Pay model.

Which is better linode or DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean has just enough to make it work for most users. On the other hand, Linode is more complex but still strives to be simple and easy to use.


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