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What is the meaning of concrete information?

adj. 3. Referring to a specific instance or object, particular as opposed to general. A concrete example. A relation to or characteristic of things that can be perceived by the senses.

What is water cement ratio in concrete?

The water-cement ratio refers to the water content of the cement divided by its weight. Concrete of high quality is made by lowering the water-cement ratio as little as possible. This allows concrete to be placed appropriately, consolidated, and cured.

Why was concrete invented?

Concrete was created in 1300 BC by Middle Eastern builders. They discovered that concrete reacts chemically with the gases in the atmosphere to form a protective, hard surface.

What is the difference between concrete and cement?

What is the difference between cement and concrete? Concrete and cement are often used interchangeably. However, cement is an ingredient in concrete. Concrete is made up of paste and aggregates. The concrete mix contains between 10 and 15 percent cement by volume.

What is the latest version of Concrete5?

concrete5 8.5. Now available: 4


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