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Why do we need database?

Databases can store large amounts of records efficiently and take up very little space. It’s easy to add or edit data. It is easy to search data, such as find all Ford cars. Multi-access allows multiple users to access the same database simultaneously.

Why do you need a database administrator?

Database administrators manage the development of company databases to ensure that vital information is only available to authorized users. DBAs collaborate closely with information system managers to tailor database solutions for corporate needs.

Why database management system is expensive?

DBMS software and hardware require a significant initial investment. It is necessary to make a significant investment depending on the size and function of your organization. It is necessary to… These machines and additional storage space add to the hardware’s cost. Its licensing, operations, and compliance costs are also high.

Why did you choose Database Administration?

Database administrators are responsible for performing regular system backups to ensure that no data is lost in the event of a power cut or other natural disaster. They ensure that the data captured is accurate, reliable, and accessible at all times.

Why do we need database management?

Because they provide a way to efficiently handle large amounts of data and different types of data, database management systems are vital for businesses. Companies can make faster decisions if they have access to the correct data.


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