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Why is HTML5 better?

HTML5 allows developers to have more control over website performance. Many Flash- and JS-based hacks every day in HTML4 have been made part of HTML5 as elements. These improvements also result in a smoother and faster user experience.

Will HTML ever be replaced?

16 Answers HTML will not be replaced as a standard anytime soon. It is too widely used and expensive. There would also be a lot of education required for people who work with websites and web apps to change technology. HTML, however, will evolve like every other technology.

Who is the father of HTML?

Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first version of HTML in 1993. There have been many versions of HTML since then. HTML 4.01 was the most popular version in 2000. It became an official standard in 1999.

Who uses HTML5?

Who uses HTML5 According to Udemy, Reddit, and Lyft, HTML5 is used by 5921 companies.

Who will replace Flashplayer?

HTML5. HTML5 is the most widely used and popular alternative to Adobe Flash Player. For many years, there has been a substantial HTML vs. Flash debate. Flash debates over which version was better and would withstand the test of time.


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