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What is technology migration?

The term migration is used in information technology to describe a process that converts data processing and information systems to another technology. Porting is often synonymous with migration.

What is website migration?

Website migration refers to the process of moving a website from one environment into another or when the domain name of a site changes. A website migration is a significant change to the URL structure of a site.

What is workload migration?

Workload migration is the act or process of moving a workload, typically a program, from one infrastructure environment into another. This includes, but is not limited to, the move from an on-premises datacenter to a public cloud, to one cloud provider, to another cloud provider, and back to the on-premises infrastructure.

What is rehosting in cloud migration?

Rehost, also known as lift and shift or lift and shift, is a method of moving servers and applications from their current environment to a public cloud infrastructure. Organizations just beginning their migration journey may use the lift and shift and rehost.

What is Replatform migration?

Cloud migration refers to the process of migrating some or all of your digital operations to your cloud. Replatforming applications to the cloud without making significant changes and taking advantage of the cloud environment’s benefits.


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