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Why Python is called a cross-platform language?

Python is cross-platform because Python programs written on a Macintosh will work on a Linux computer and vice versa. This answer was helpful to bezglasnaaz, as well as 12 other users.

Why the framework is required for the design and development of cross-platform application?

Cross-platform apps are top-rated because it eliminates the need to create different apps for each platform. Cross-platform apps can be used on all devices and platforms. A cross-platform framework is necessary to create this universally compatible app.

Why Xamarin is better than Flutter?

Xamarin has many benefits, but Flutter can keep up with its community-focused approach. Your use case, goals, and requirements will determine the best cross-platform framework to support your development project.

Why is Python cross-platform language?

Python is cross-platform. A Python program written on a Macintosh will run on Linux and vice versa. Because of its indentation, Python interprets the fourth sentence (print x= x ) as part of the for loop and not the if statement.

Which language is best for cross-platform app development?

React Native is a well-known framework for cross-platform app development. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Facebook Inc. created React Native.


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