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Which is best Yii or Laravel?

Laravel Vs. Yii – The winner is! Laravel is the best option for large-scale enterprise software application development. Yii is the best choice if you want to create simple applications that don’t require complex development.

Who created Yii Framework?

This page was created 3 years ago by samdark. It was last updated 22 days ago (by Nestor Acevedo). Let’s say we have two models, Customer, and Supplier. We want them both to log in. Yii allows for authorization and authentication to be done flexibly, so it’s possible.

Who uses Yii Framework?

Yii is used by who? Yii is used by 287 companies, including General, Deloitte, and Evergreen teams.

Why Yii framework is faster?

YII is component bases, and it has Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. YII’s high performance makes it more popular than other PHP frameworks. YII is the most efficient framework for large-scale application development.

What is difference between Yii and Yii2?

You can deprecate the old Yii1 code and replace it with the new Yii2 code. The framework for Yii 2.0 was completely rewritten, and there are many differences. It is more difficult to upgrade from version 1.1 than between minor versions.


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