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Why is digital accessibility important?

Digital accessibility is essential for creating an inclusive world. It means equal access for people with disabilities to online education, healthcare, and eCommerce. It also means equal access for friendship and growth in the age of social media.

Why should we care about web accessibility?

Your Organization’s Web Accessibility is Critical. If your website isn’t accessible, 20% of the population won’t access it. It is required by law.

Why does a website need accessible?

Web accessibility is one the most important things that you can do to help your customers and the online community. Accessible websites are designed to make navigation easier for people with disabilities. It has many benefits beyond just a few functionalities.

What is your accessibility?

Accessibility refers to making websites accessible for as many people as possible. While accessibility is often thought of as a benefit for people with disabilities, it also benefits those who use mobile devices or have slow internet connections.

What types of websites need to be ADA compliant?

Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires all federal, state, and local government websites to comply with accessibility standards. This section was amended in 2001 to include intranet and internet information and applications.


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