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Looks that Kill

Graphic DesignGraphic designers get it right the first time

With millions of companies competing for the dollars, dinars, and drachmas of the good people of the world, getting your business noticed can be a real challenge. It’s no good selling the best men’s suits in New Smyrna Beach if everyone notices the flashy website of the men’s clothier down the street and heads there first. When a website lacks the visual appeal it takes to turn clicks into conversions, you’d just as well stand on a street corner wearing a sandwich board. Rather than suffering in silence, why not call a great graphic designer at Watson Media who can transform your dysfunctional advertising into a profitable online presence. We thought we’d share a little bit about why a graphic designer can work wonders for your image.

Bad art doth never prosper

While your doodling dexterity may entertain the kids, the art skills you acquired while daydreaming in high school don’t always translate into website wizardry. When you do business, you need to look like you mean business. Poor presentation can be a death sentence, so you have to believe in your product enough to invest in making it look great. Business website design requires a different approach then for sites providing say, baking tips, or celebrity gossip. A good graphic designer knows the right approach for each situation, so they can to generate material with appropriateness and brand appeal in mind.

Objectivity Lesson

It can often be difficult to detect the flaws in your own design. This also applies to your website and other advertising materials. What you believe screams “buy me” may scream “is that a bagel slicer or a blender?” to someone else. It doesn’t mean you need your glasses changed; it’s just that you can sometimes be too close to a subject to be objective about what you see. Because graphic designers look at things from the outside, they can often detect and address issues which may keep visitors at arm’s length. Their training involves the best way to draw the eye in and keep it there. This is extremely useful whether you need a redesign of your current site, or are looking to create an entirely new one.

Time is money

Doing your own design may seem like a great way to save money, but if you’re not an expert, it can end up costing you more than it should in time and quality. Determining the most effective way to get a message across is the graphic designer’s specialty. Even if you know a bit about visual material, today’s advertising must be adaptable for use across a variety of devices. Graphic designers know how to optimize materials so they can be used for a variety of purposes. This means that sending for a run of new business cards doesn’t require a redo because your image efforts leave something to be desired.

Say it loud and clear

Sometimes you have an idea how you’d like to present your products but aren’t sure of the best approach. You want to stand out in a crowd and the right appearance means just as much as the right words. Get it wrong, and people might think you’re selling Frisbees instead of fine china. Eye-catching designs drive results, so you want to communicate your message clearly through clean lines, clever color choices, and fonts that fit the situation. An excellent graphic designer should also be able to generate material which transfers well between media (ex: web pages, business cards, emails, etc.)

When people see your website, etc., there should be no mistaking the fact that it comes from YOU, and a graphic designer can create an image that is unmistakable. Their skills are invaluable when it comes to making the right impression. Watson Media of Daytona Beach provides the graphic design expertise you need to get the job done right the first time.

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