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Use the magic of a Green Screen to Promote Your Brand

Green ScreenSpecial effects done right, done now.

Does your company have the need to make use of innovative marketing strategies? Are you being out-driven by your competition? One of our services that we offer can give you an edge in video marketing with the use of a Green Screen. This is an innovative marketing strategy that has been proven to provide results. We can shoot a photo or video against our green screen background and super-impose any image, video or background behind you. Want to appear that you are shooting a commercial on a mystical beach in Caribbean?  We got you covered!

This innovative marketing technique requires expert videographers and experienced video editors to produce high quality video and photos. That level of professionalism is exactly what we at Watson Media can offer you.

We help local business owners discover the benefits of online video marketing. Most business owners are unaware of the benefits online video marketing can have. Give us a call today to discuss what potential online video marketing can do for you.We make it simple for our clients throughout the entire process. This includes using the latest technology and the best equipment. We are mobile and can come to you for your video or photo project.

Green Screen technology is widely used during trade shows and corporate events. It is also used to enhance video marketing videos or commercials. The aim is to market a product and market it to its fullest potential. We ensure that the image you pick is the correct picture to be superimposed. The size of the picture also matters, having an image with a wrong size will lead to a blurred image. In addition, the image has to represent the brand correctly.

We make sure that it works, not only for you, but for your customers as well. We also test the video beforehand to ensure that any glitches are eliminated.

The biggest and most important reason to choose Watson Media is the support you get. We make all our  resources available to you. Any query and question is welcome & we are quick to respond to you. We can easily tweak videos at the last minute. Our staff’s experience is unmatched. They are well prepared for every eventuality and are here to meet your requirements. Your visitors will never have a reason to bounce from  your video.  We ensure that it is entertaining as well as captivating.

We here at Watson Media are here to help you turn your visions into reality. Please contact us today, toll free or call us locally.

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