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Rethink the Link

Ormond Beach Link BuildingLink Building Strategies for Ramping Up Your Rankings

If your website makes the first page of search engine results when searching “Best Umbrellas in Ormond Beach” it’s a great thing. But…it only makes a difference your bottom line when some of those clicks turn into conversions. This means taking advantage of every opportunity to get links directed at your site from here, there, and everywhere that relevant content can be found online. It takes time, effort, and gallons of caffeinated beverages, but links are critical-to-marketing tidbits that get people (and their wallets) to you and your business website.

Worst Things First

There a few link-related no-no’s that self-respecting businesses would do well to avoid. Above all, avoid becoming what is known as a “link whore.” This means putting out (money) to get your links on other sites where there’s a good chance they will end up lost amid 3,000 ads for pizza parlors and plus-sized swimsuits. It’s also good to avoid swapping links with sites whose content is irrelevant to yours. Honey attracts more bees than vinegar, and your online beekeeping supply store won’t blossom by trading links with a pest control tip site. You want to place your links in places where they help people find you, so don’t sabotage your efforts by spreading your cyberspace-based seed in all the wrong places.

And now, on to the good stuff…

Only Be Content with Great Content

No matter what kind of tips and tricks people offer for your link-building strategy, one thing is for certain, people are more likely to share links which offer great content. Not only should material be well-written and useful, it should also be well-branded so there is no mistaking where it comes from. From academic content to shareable images, if you make it great, users will help make it available to a wide audience through sharing.

Become a Blog Authority

You built your website for a reason…to get people interested in the goods, services, or advice you have to offer. Perhaps your company in Daytona Beach offers home improvement services. Why not create a well-written blog people can turn to for building, repair, or remodeling advice. Accurate, useful, and easy-to-understand information will help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and increase the likelihood they’ll share it with their friends. Guest posts by experts in your field will also help to make you the go-to site for advice. After all, who would you turn to for information about patching a hole in your sheetrock, Bob Vila or Bob’s Big Boy? You provide blogs with benefit and readers will provide the linking power that can help your site climb the rankings.

Own Your Editorial Links

As owner and operator or New Smyrna Beach House of Noodles; you offer a selection of fine, handmade pasta via your extensive online store. While your noodles are the best in a five-state area, the thing you don’t supply is sauce. Because you want to help customers find great custom-made cacciatore to go with your world famous capellini, you request a link from Doss’s Famous Sauces. This not only provides customers with a link to an important resource, it also improves both parties search engine rankings. The more “natural” or “editorial” links which connect relevant sites with yours, the better. This makes it highly worthwhile to actively cultivate online link-building relationships.

The DIY Approach

Nothing good is ever easy, so when you’ve got the time (or can make some) you can be your own best link builder. Without becoming an evil spam disseminator, there are a lot of opportunities out there to share a link. Many websites offer the chance to share links when you visit and sign their guest books, or contribute meaningful material to their forums. Guest blogging offers a chance to plant your links in relevant places. It also improves the author’s rank, encourages the addition of inbound links, and can generate substantial referral traffic. A proactive approach to generating DIY or “non-editorial” links helps improve both your reputation and rankings.

Bring on the Freebies

People love free stuff in just about every form, so why use that fact to attract links? Whether it’s free images or well-written papers, hosting material that people can obtain for free and use readily is a nearly foolproof way to encourage them to link to your site. Be sure that your content offers value to your readers if you want them to offer up the value of their links.

Link-building often works best when you take a multifaceted approach, and the opportunities are endless. If it all seems a little overwhelming, never fear; Watson Media of Daytona Beach offers custom link building services based on research in what is best for your business. From keyword and market research to assessing what works for your competition, we know how to grow your links so you don’t have to. Call us today to discuss your need for Search Engine Optimization.

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