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Why Video Streaming In A Great Tool

Live StreamingLive streaming video anywhere, anytime & on any device

At Watson Media, we believe in the power of Live Streaming Video. This technology is truly exceptional. Many websites use it to stream live events such as concerts, sporting events and corporate events. The technology behind it may be complex, but to us, it’s simple. We pick up the live feed from an event and then through the use of our ultra-fast streaming network, we are able to broadcasts the event to unlimited viewers.

Finding a reliable and reputable live video streaming provider in Daytona Beach can prove to be a daunting task. Let Watson Media take care of all your streaming requirements. There are numerous advantages to working with us.

We have an experienced and dedicated team

Our engineers and developers have years of experience in the live streaming field. We know how to develop a stable and easy-to-use platform. We work closely with our customers to ensure that every demand is met. Want your Childs sporting event streamed online for friends and family to see? We’ve got you covered!

We know how to transmit a higher quality stream

The biggest concern people have is video quality. When a viewer attempts to view a live stream, they expect crystal clear video without buffering interruptions. Our experts are well-versed in using the right tools and latest technology. We focus on transmitting the stream with very little lag time or stream interruptions. The end product is a much better Live Streaming website which allows for a pleasurable viewing experience.

We have an intricate knowledge of the process

We have an in-depth knowledge of the entire streaming process and use the latest technology advances. This allows us to tweak the setup to achieve the optimal effect. We know which settings will help and which will hamper the transmission of the video stream. From using the right camera to the best embed code for the web, we cover it all! Want to broadcast streaming media to an Iphone or Android? Let us get you going!

We consider network bandwidth loads during the event

Our team fully understands the stress put on a networks bandwidth when streaming live video. Before an event, we test network strength to determine how much bandwidth is actually available and adjust your application settings accordingly. We monitor the throughput during the live streaming events and tweak them if necessary. Don’t have electricity or internet at your location? No problem, we have the equipment needed to broadcast live video anywhere, anytime & at a very affordable rate!

We prefer stability over speed

An unstable video stream can be quite frustrating for the end viewer. So we concentrate first on a stabilized stream before enhancing the quality of the video. Once the stream is stabilized, we then compress the content to achieve speed. This is the ideal combination for any customer.

We do several trial runs before launch

Watson Media believes in perfection. We test out the settings beforehand. We make a number of different trial runs before your event is scheduled to go live. Each trial run stimulates the real time environment. We take notes of the configurations and then compare them with previous events. This helps deliver a near-flawless platform.

We provide help after delivery

We believe in our product and stand by it. We offer support before and after your event.

Watson Media is Streaming Media

Services in any city

It does not matter where you are located. We can provide services in any city be it Ormond Beach, Palm Coast or anywhere around the world.

Stream any event

We can help setup Live Streaming for any website or any event. We are partners with some of the webs largest streaming content providers. There isn’t a streaming requirement we don’t have a solution for.

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