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7 Steps to a stronger online presence

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At Watson Media we have streamlined the process of turning your online business ambitions into a reality. We make it quick and easy for you to get online or update your previous online presence. Knowing what to expect in this process will help us to align your visions with an excellent online presence. Below we break it down into 7 steps allowing you to know what to expect when your ideas are put into motion.

Step 1. Meeting & Discovery

We being the process with a meeting where we get to know you and your business. We gather information about your business and what your goals and expectations you may have for the project. We will discuss an estimated timeline for your website design project as well as what your budget stipulations may be.

Step 2. Strategy & Planning

We work directly with you to define your project requirements and objectives. With your input, we will establish a list of features we feel your website should have. We then review your targeted audience and discuss how to best reach them. We will look into who they are and how they will most likely use your website.  At the same time, we will review your competitors and determine their strength in the marketplace & devise a plan to compete or overcome.

Step 3. Design

We get insight into your marketplace by discussing what other brands or sites you admire and which sites you dislike. This helps us in establishing your overall look and feel of your site. We turn to you and ask what features you have seen and liked on other sites as well as recommending certain features you may not be aware of. After all this initial information is compiled, we dive into the graphical design of your site. We create our first graphic design mockup and submit it to you for approval. We work directly with you to fine tune your design to your liking.

Step 4. Content Creation

The next step is auditing any content you may already have established. Any print material, branding, logo’s etc. We will make recommendations what new content may be needed based on pre-existing content. For a website to be successful, your content needs to assert your branding, company voice, be persuasive and be optimized for SEO. At the same time, your content must grab the reader’s attention and keep it. If we determine that you are in need of copy writing services or content management we will express these recommendations to you in the initial strategy and planning step.

Step 5. Development & Implementation

Now that we have your design mockup & content in order, we fire up our development thought processes and breathe life into your project. We establish a site outline and sitemap, determine and implement user case scenarios and establish your websites visitor flow. At this time, we also start setting up your back-end CMS system which allows for easy content management and quicker site edits in the future.

Step 6. Testing & Launch

Once your site had be completed and final tweaks are made, we put it through a rigorous testing phase to rule out any bugs or functionality issues. We also test your site on all the latest and most popular browsers and mobile devices. This is an essential part to having a successful website and is one of the most important steps in the testing phase. We ensure that your website is responsive and can be viewed at any time on any device. We also test your sites loading speed as this is an important factor not only in the viewer’s realm, but to the search engines as well.

Step 7. Grow, Maintain & Support

Now that your site project has been completed and has successfully launched, it’s time to make it more visible to search engines and start attracting potential customers. Depending on your competition landscape, your site may need ongoing content development as well as off page SEO. To take full advantage of what your website has to offer, we also recommend establishing a Social Media Marketing campaign. As time passes, you may want to change or add new things to your site. We here at Watson Media believe in a quick turnaround time. We are easily reached and respond quickly by phone, email, text or through one of our Social Media channels. Try us today, give us a call and let us put your idea’s into motion.


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