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Pay-Per-Click Improvement Primer

Pay Per ClickLearning the ABC’s of PPC

Pay-Per-Click…no it’s not a scaled-down version of pay-per-view, or the 21st Century term for a peep show. It consists of things like the ever-present banner ads and sponsored links which have become an inextricable part of our online lives. PPC is a keyword-centered advertising model designed to make directing traffic to your websites easier. Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing) are the biggest “culprits” and most people have at least heard of them, even if they aren’t sure how the whole scenario works. While many businesses have embraced the practice, others may become skeptical when their own efforts fall flat. Fortunately, a few simple steps you can help your business make the most of what pay-per-click has to offer.

Convenience and affordability draw most people to PPC. The fact that it presents minimal risk as a pay-for-performance model helps as well. (If your ad doesn’t attract clicks, you don’t pay for the privilege of placing it on a page.) Let’s say you own Daytona Beach’s Best Damn Dry Cleaner’s. Fred has a website called “Daytona Directory” which points people toward various goods and services. You want to offer customers 15% off their cleaning bill via online ad. Fred’s down with PPC, so he hosts your ad on his site. Unless users click the ad and are magically whisked away to your site, you don’t pay a thing. When they do click, Fred gets a little cut, while you get more site traffic, better search engine rankings, and (hopefully) a parade of dirty-suit-wielding businesspeople eager to recoup some of what they paid for their Armani.

Keywords are the driving force behind PPC success, so keyword research is vital to creating click-appeal. When you provide well-chosen keywords the PPC powers that be astonish “Googlers” by making relevant ads “magically” appear. (So when people search for “Pizza in Palm Coast,” an ad for your restaurant pops up instead of one for a diaper service or adult video vendor.) The idea is that when people are instantly shown what they’re looking for, they’ll click, and (hopefully) buy something. Because the connection between keywords, clicks, and conversions, can be easily monitored, PPC can provide useful insight into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

A few simple strategies can help to move your online ad campaign into the big leagues. One thing that makes ads irresistible to itchy clicker fingers is targeted advertising. Even if you’ve never tried archery, you’re likely to achieve greater success by aiming for a bull’s eye than by releasing an arrow with your eyes closed. The same goes for successful sales. It’s a lot easier to sell weight-loss smoothies by directing your ads toward the searches of people trying to slim down, than to those looking to put on pounds and muscle mass. You want to bring visitors to your site who are looking for what you have to offer.

The perfect landing page is another important part of making PPC work for your business. Never underestimate the power of great graphics, clean and clear text, and user-friendly functioning. While landing pages have to look professional, their design must make it impossible for people to miss what you are advertising. (You won’t sell many time shares if people think they’ve just landed on a site supplying pool products.) If you’re not a great writer, hire someone who is. Not a graphic artist? You can bet that there’s one out there with a mortgage to pay who’d be more than happy to help you out. Do things right the first time, and you won’t have to worry about doing them all over again.

In the end, you want people to want what you have to offer, so you must be sure to include a call to action. When hungry customers click “Get 40% off Ormond Beach’s Best Pizza Now!” they need to know they’ll be automatically directed to a discounted dinner and not to pages of puppetry paraphernalia. Send them anywhere but the right place, and in an instant, they’ve gone back to their results page and forgotten you for all eternity. Make getting people to do what you want them to do as easy as possible by letting them know exactly where their clicks will take them.

When you want your PPC campaign to prosper, but aren’t sure where to begin, Watson Media of Daytona Beach has your back. They’ll uncover keywords designed to drive traffic more effectively than a party of cattle rustlers. Turning links into traffic (without blowing your advertising budget) doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want ads that make the dollars add up, Watson Media has the pay-per-click prowess you need.

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