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Purposeful Print Design

Print DesignGood design equals great communication

Zombie cred or not, don’t believe a word George A. Romero said when he stated that “print is dead.” Materials clients can touch and take still make up a big part of what helps businesses stay in business.

While an awful lot of important material can now be found online, printed products still prevail in some settings. This means that you want eye-catching materials with the ability to communicate your message and elicit a favorable response.

You’ve just about to realize your dream and open up a tax prep business in Ormond Beach. Most of the bases are covered but, you can’t help thinking that there’s something more you could do to make your brand more effective. Just then it hits you; you need printed materials that potential customers can carry off with them. How better to get them to remember you when tax time rolls around than a colorful postcard with “15% Off Total Tax Preparation” featured prominently. You’re pretty handy with flyers, but this time you want to be sure to get it right. What you need is the services of a professional print designer.

The “eyes” have it

Well-designed visual materials do more than just look nice, they speak to people. When you consider the fact that as much as 93% of all communication is nonverbal, that’s a good indication that we absorb a whole lot more information through our eyes than ears. Getting your message across in a way that helps people remember you and what your business has to offer, means designing materials in ways the human mind processes most efficiently.

Avoiding the circular file

Good design gives you a professional edge, but getting it right takes a great design strategy. If your printed materials are poorly-designed or appear unprofessional, there’s a good chance they’ll end up in the circular file. This can be disheartening when you think about printing costs. What you want to do is communicate your brand with materials people aren’t inclined to throw away or forget about. Whether people see it on your business cards, direct mailings, or trade show displays, generic design can spell disaster.

Encourage better digestion

Print designers have an eye for things most of us don’t consider. For example, unless they’re sitting down to read a novel, most people aren’t very good about reading large blocks of text. It’s kind of like food; if you own a steakhouse in New Smyrna Beach, you don’t forget to provide patrons with the proper cutlery. People are a lot better at digesting small, manageable chunks of meat than giant slabs suited to feeding time at the zoo. The same goes for text. You want to serve up information to your clients in small chunks (bullet points, single lines of text, etc.). This increases the likelihood that they will be able to process and retain the information.

You can be too busy

While many of us like comic strips, placing text too close to busy images isn’t such a great idea when it comes to business materials. Just like a kid who’s just seen a clown juggling chainsaws, many adults can’t handle crowded copy without being strapped to their seat and fed a discreet dose of Ritalin. While you don’t want to pay for empty paper, the eye needs some space if the brain is to make sense of what it sees. Font selection and size are also important considerations. While the size and shape of letters might not seem to mean much, they make a much better impression when they relate well to the graphics they are paired with.

Meaningful messages make even more of an impression when presented properly. An expert print designer can help your printed materials pass muster on a professional level. If you weren’t the best student in your 8th grade art class and don’t know anything about design, Watson Media of Daytona Beach can help you say what you want with style and simplicity.

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