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Avoiding the No-Go Logo

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Every company needs a logo. The problem is the world is already so full of them that only a few have the ability to stand out. Imaging must be designed with your company’s culture, as well as the culture(s) of your customers. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the image that best represents you. After all, Ormond Beach’s best bagels deserve a logo that reflects their o-shaped goodness, rather than suggesting that they may lead to congestive heart failure.

Chic and unique

Some companies make the mistake of thinking that their logo has to be a reflection of what they do. This is not the case. A logo is all about finding the right combination of shape and color to make it stick in the public subconscious. Over time, many images have been overused in logo design, so you need to either develop one that sizzles, or nip and tuck your current one in a way that makes it unforgettable. For example, when people see that orange globe with a drinking straw sticking out of it, their mind should instantly make the connection with the tasty refreshment Port Orange Cola has to offer.

Tastefully timeless

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone on the planet that hasn’t seen the Coca Cola Logo. It’s juxtaposition of fancy font with a simple color scheme have endured since their creation by Frank Mason Robinson in 1886. Why? Timelessness. Despite minor tweaks over the years, the basic elements have always remained the same. Minor modifications won’t make someone who sees the familiar flowery script and red and white color scheme think about anything other than a refreshing beverage. Keeping logos simple and neutral is the key to making them last.

Don’t “Miss” Appropriate

Colors and images don’t send the same message everywhere, so a little cultural awareness can go a long way. For example, let’s imagine that Robin Hood Romance, the online dating website you started five years ago is going global. First stop: China. You expect that it will be a huge success, given the gap between the number of available ladies and eager bachelors. In honor of the occasion, you feel a logo redesign is in order. You settle on an artistic rendering of the manly medieval hero in a green, peaked cap. Two months after launch, the figures are disappointing. You know that every eligible bachelor didn’t suddenly find his soul mate, so what’s up? It’s your branding. In China, wearing a green hat implies that a man’s spouse is being unfaithful (not a good vibe to send a bunch of guys who are having trouble finding one in the first place. A simple Google search before going ahead and you could have avoided the embarrassing liaison with cultural insensitivity.

Label Adaptable

One problem people often encounter with logo design is difficulty with making them readable and recognizable across mediums. What looks good on business cards should look equally great on billboards, despite the scale change. Simplicity makes it possible. Take the Facebook “f” for instance. Whether it appears as a tiny, clickable widget on your mobile device or 40 feet high on the side of a building, there’s no mistaking it. Its simplicity gives it much more flexibility than a complicated logo. You should also be sure that your logo is easily-recognizable in black and white, as we’ve yet to leave the era of the copier and fax machine.

So if your business needs a rebrand but you’re not sure where to begin, Daytona Beach-based Watson Media has the answer. Our designers will help you lose the no-go logo, and create one that says “here I am!” After all, it’s a lot easier to sell a bunch of bagels when your marketing strategy isn’t full of holes.


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