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You’ve already heard about the importance of SEO, but do you know why it requires ongoing maintenance? Search engine algorithms constantly evolve, and Google releases thousands of algorithm updates yearly. These changes range from minor tweaks to drastic changes that force site owners to make several changes to remain relevant. Google’s shift to a mobile-first index was one example that motivated many businesses to create responsive sites.

While you might have invested in SEO when you first set up your site, the results are not guaranteed. The search engine rankings and existing competition change with time. As competition increases, your website’s performance could slip. Your search rankings can also decline if your competitors ramp up their efforts. Fortunately, there are ways to monitor SEO’s effectiveness while your competitors improve and your competition improves.

SEO takes time to show results. As a result, you’ll need to monitor your website regularly, so you don’t lose any momentum. While you may want to start seeing the results after a month, it’s too early to expect overnight results. As long as you are willing to invest a few hours a month to perform SEO maintenance, you’ll see significant improvements in your rankings. However, you can’t expect to receive the same ROI if you don’t devote the necessary resources.


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