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You may wonder, “Why should I invest in SEO when I can spend less on PPC?”. While PPC does have a lower cost per click, SEO results are better over time, and the results continue even after you stop paying. And while PPC results are instant, SEO results are long-term and grow as your business does. In fact, SEO ROI is more than ten times more effective than PPC.

While PPC and SEO both have their benefits, one has a higher ROI: the long-term benefits of SEO outweigh the short-term benefits of PPC. High-ranking content can be easily defended and continues to perform for years. On the other hand, ads placed through PPC campaigns can be outbid instantly by any other company with a relevant landing page. Therefore, SEO is a better long-term investment. It costs just a few hundred dollars to create a good piece of content and can yield upwards of $500-1000 in results. Buying clicks for a few dollars each would cost much more.

With PPC, you can test your website and message before spending money. Once you’ve approved your PPC campaign, your ad will appear in front of millions of internet users. This lets you quickly see how your message affects your website’s rankings. Using PPC in conjunction with SEO will increase your visibility in the long term. Both results will depend on your objectives, but both can yield benefits.


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