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Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing Makes Sense…and Dollars

The internet and your local Farmer’s Market are probably the only places where most people would agree that more traffic is actually a good thing. As far as both are concerned, the more traffic there is, the better chance you have of converting it into sales. To do that, however, you need a way to direct all of those wide-eyed, potential shoppers exactly where you want them to be. For farmers that may mean a huge sign advertising pony rides or freshly-squeezed lemonade. For those of you doing business online, it all comes down to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

“Oh thanks, I needed another acronym to remember” you’re probably saying. Well suck it up, because this is an important one. SEM basically boils down to using optimization, advertising, and other internet voodoo to improve your standings with search engines so you can cash in. It is basically an umbrella term under which things like SEO and pay-per-click listings fall. No matter what form it takes, the goal is the same; to make your website as visible to search engines as possible so you don’t miss important sales opportunities. After all, you can’t make any money running an Ormond Beach bakery that no one’s ever heard about.

If you’re thinking “sounds great, but how do I do it?” never fear. Watson Media offers full SEM services so you don’t have to go back to get a degree in online marketing to run a business. To begin, providers will analyze your website to get the information they need in order to develop a customized strategy. This may involve things like investigating current keyword conditions, and comparing them with what is working for your competitors. For example, if your Port Orange pet store is your pride and joy, your website better have some keywords which reflect the fact. Once that is said and done, the real work begins (but fortunately, you don’t have to do it!)

Search Engine Marketing is vital to building a can’t-miss brand and impeccable online reputation, but what exactly does awesome SEM entail? Think about it like this: great SEM services are like top-notch obstetric care. You want your baby to be as healthy as possible, and this means keeping a close eye on all nine months of mommy-making misery. (Sorry, just thinking back on personal experience.) You want to detect potential problems so they can be addressed early, or better yet, avoided. It’s that same for SEM. You want a provider that works with you from inception to completion, so you can avoid making mistakes that will require major surgery later on.

The “post-natal” support your SEM team provides after the “birth” of your new (or newly-improved) site might be compared to a succession of well-baby visits. It all means never having to worry about being abandoned after the process is complete. SEM services also make working within a specific budget a whole lot easier. It’s kind of like dining from an ala carte menu. If you don’t need or want it, you don’t pay for it. If you are inclined to worry about things like pay per click plans or search engine optimization…don’t. The beautiful thing about SEM services is that managing these options is all part of the game. You can save an awful lot of time, energy, and capital by utilizing a single marketing resource instead of seven.

When you consider that fact that more than 90% of internet users employ search engines to find what they’re looking for, Search Engine Marketing makes sense. Who would not want to take advantage of a marketing method which has higher conversion rates than any other? Growing your brand online is an ongoing process, but fortunately Watson Media is here to help you do it. Now’s the time to take the plunge and find out exactly what good SEM services from Watson Media can do for your business.

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