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Steering Clear of Crummy Content

Copy WritingHow the Right Writing Equals Better Business

Not too keen about the way your words come across on your website? Do your descriptions of your Daytona Beach donut shop inspire indigestion? Is your lack of literary flair more likely to cause migraines than get people to mob your New Smyrna Beach motorcycle shop? Never fear….the copywriter is here. You know, those hard working folks who spend day and night hunched over their keyboards so you don’t have to sound as if getting through 8th grade grammar was a real stretch. Now that you’ve been adequately insulted, just think for a second. You’ve spent your entire adult life turning that off-the-beaten-path sporting goods store into an outdoor lover’s paradise that gives Bass Pro Shops a run for their money. Why would you want to spoil it with a webpage that screams “Sorry, I ain’t got no good English?”

A great copywriter can be like an extension of your subconscious. You know what you want to say and it is hovering somewhere around the tip of your tongue, but putting it into print seems downright impossible. Instead of torturing yourself, why not take advantage of the skills of someone who does that sort of thing for a living? Marketing and advertising now mean a lot more than just printing up a few posters and flyers. Today there’s web content, social media, online ads, SEO, blogs, tweets, flarps (ok, I made up that last one) to consider. When compared to more “traditional” writing, these more recent developments take things to a whole new dimension.

Anyone can tell people something. The problem when it comes to advertising is telling it in an interesting way. You want your website (and everything else you present to the public) to just scream about how fantastic you are. An excellent copywriter can turn not-so-cool content into persuasive pieces that catch your audience’s attention and keep it.

One thing a good copywriter will not do is pepper everything with an overabundance of keywords just to catch the attention of the search engines. While it may get their attention, it won’t take long for readers to click their way back to their results page just to escape your crummy content. SEO is certainly an important part of getting noticed online, but without quality to back it up, you’ll quickly slip back down the rankings. Why? Because today’s search engine rankings aren’t solely based on keyword saturation. They also take into consideration the amount of time people spend on your site. The only way to get people in the door and keep them there is to provide something they just can’t stop reading.

When you run a business, the main purpose of your content is to convert. (No I’m not talking about causing a rift in the family by marrying outside your religion.) I mean turning all of those visits into sales. The right writer knows how to supply material that is interesting, engaging, persuasive, and to the point so people spend enough time with it to open their wallets. “So where do I find these miracle workers?” you ask. Fortunately, they are only a click away, and right in your own backyard. Watson Media of Daytona Beach supplies great written material for all of your online advertising needs, from articles that sizzle to stunning social media.

Stop spending hours a day trying to find just the right word to describe the Porsche’s you peddle in Port Orange. Why not spare yourself the misery and let a copywriter do the “dirty” work for you? We’ve all gotta make a living, and a great writer can help making yours a whole lot easier.

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