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ormond-beach-social-media-optimizationSocial Media Savvy- Best Bet for Your Business

Let’s imagine that you’re about to cut the ribbon on what is sure to be Daytona Beach’s hippest new night spot. Potential patron Average Joe lives just down the street, and is a compulsive clicker and sharer of everything that catches his fancy. You want to make sure that Joe and friends bring their hard-earned money out to your place for the big opening night. The best way to get him and his 1,500 Facebook friends through the door is to play to their finely-tuned, social media sensibilities.

Ah, Social media. The best way to start spreading the news since Morse code and the megaphone… Use it well and it’s a super-efficient tool for making people aware of everything. However, it only pays off when they can find what you put out there. Social Media Optimization is the key to revitalizing visitor volume when it can mean feast or famine for your business. By skillfully exploiting several social media outlets simultaneously, you give yourself the power to boost publicity and profits.

Social networks are like expert cattle drivers with the uncanny ability to direct traffic toward a desired location. Not surprisingly, millions of people make connections to other sites via Facebook than through Google and other search engines. With hundreds of millions of folks frantically Facebooking tirelessly Tweeting, and insanely Instagramming, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective mass-marketing tool. Why? …Because people like it, and when you like things, you use them longer. The longer you linger, the better the chance you’ll click an ad that catches your eye.

Consider your own social media addiction. You have friends, your friends have friends, and it’s likely that you are all connected by some common interest. Between the lot of you all the linking and liking generate an unstoppable tsunami of sharing. Social media sites use what they learn about you and your online entourage to design content that people can’t help but pass along. Your business can benefit when you choose your outlets wisely and get help from someone who knows how focus your efforts efficiently.

The social media menu seems to increase daily. In addition to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that nearly everyone is familiar with, blogging sites, RSS feeds, YouTube views, and even social network gaming provide a wealth of opportunities. The key is forming a focused game plan and then following it (to the letter, if possible).

SMO services such as those offered by Watson Media of Daytona Beach can help make social media work for you. They do so by providing expert direction for your efforts to connect. This means gearing your social media usage toward the visitor groups most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. It also entails identifying which outlets that will be most useful to you, as well as targeting a specific objective, such as customer, retention, brand-building, or sales.

So, whether you want to use Pinterest to help you peddle the coolest shoes in Port Orange or become the toast of Palm Coast via Vimeo views, SMO services from Watson Media can help. In today’s world, not taking the time to develop an online presence is a mistake of mega proportions. Instead, join the ranks of the local business elite. When you get social and stay social, your bottom line reaps the real benefits!

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