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Who’s Your Audience?

Social Media StrategyDeveloping a Social Media Strategy that Sells
If you’re one of those people who takes pride in resisting the magnetic pull of the social media phenomenon…more power to you. However, if you are a business owner, neglecting social media as a way to boost business and build your brand is like refusing to get off a sinking ship. You’re going down…it’s just a question of when.

To make the most of all the liking, sharing, Tweeting, and blogging going on, you need a way to focus your efforts to interact. Even with the best intentions, it can be all too easy to get in on too many social media outlets. By the time you realize you’ve gotten in over your head, you’ve already dropped the ball. You won’t be able to keep up appearances on every site which can results in users feeling left out in the col. When this happens, it makes your efforts to connect amount to nothing.

Before you can make social media work for you, you have to narrow things down. Most importantly, you need to clearly define who you want to reach. Do you offer something that model railroaders in
Ormond Beach can’t live without? Does your Daytona Beach baby boutique have the cutest kid’s clothes in a three-state area? Is your seafood restaurant the tastiest and trendiest in New Smyrna Beach? Whatever your line, you need to play to others who are likely to follow it.

One of the best things you can do is let your customers be your guide. Knowing what they want, and what works for them is like being handed the answers to an exam ahead of time. What you have to do, is let this information shape your actions in a way that centers on them. Don’t neglect competitors as a source of covert marketing info either. Keeping a close eye on what works (and doesn’t) for them can help you pick effective practices and abandon ineffective ones.

You also need to determine a firm purpose for doing what you do in the social “mediasphere.” Does your brand need a butt-kicking makeover? Do you need to connect with customers in a way that earns their loyalty and keeps them coming back? Do you need to hoist flagging sales back to the top of the mast? Whatever your reason for getting in on social media as a business tool, having a good “why” in mind works wonders.

If you’re not really sure whether Facebook can help you find customers, consider this: 93% of marketers use social media to build their business. Just a few hours each week invested on a well-focused selection of sites can mean increased traffic and more money in your pocket. When you choose your outlets wisely, have a reason for choosing them, and can explain those reasons, the benefits can be substantial.

If you aren’t exactly sure where to begin, it’s time to connect with someone who does. Along with expert web design and a number of other useful services, Watson Media of Dayton Beach can help you design a social media strategy that works best for your business. After all, you won’t reach nearly as many customers if you have to call them up on that old rotary phone you’ve been hanging on to.

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