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Website Redesign

Website RedesignThe internet is constantly evolving, don’t fall behind your competitors

Even if you already have a website, you may want to look at starting a website redesign project. Companies and businesses look into redesigning for a multitude of reasons. Don’t aim for a low performance or low budget website, if you do, you’re wasting your time and money. You may want to consider your current website’s design against the following areas:

Conversion Rates – How good is your current website at converting your unique website traffic into buyers and potential contacts? This is the part of a website design that can really make or break a company. How is your website performing? Is its performance up to the standards you hold?

Website Strength– Websites with poor quality images, amateur layouts and outdated scripts will destroy your credibility. Clients want to feel safe and in the hands of a competent business. Your website is the link to making that happen. Even if your customers just need information, a strong presence is still needed. Without a strong presence, your potential customers are likely to seek out another company.

Specific Content Strategy – When it comes to the internet, your website must have a strategy in place. What needs do your clients have that your website meets? Websites that require clients to click through several pages of information to find what they need are weak and poorly designed. Clients will leave your website from the same page they entered if your content is vague, misleading, or unclear. Don’t let this happen to you.

Concise Marketing Message – You can’t hope that clients will simply want to call or buy your product just because. You must be proactive in grabbing and holding the attention of your visitors. Keep them coming back for more because you have value that they need and will want to share with others.

Your website redesign package will include:

  1. Free Evaluation – We can evaluate your needs and the current strength of your website. Let’s discuss the different options available to you. Your website is YOUR business lifeline to success. We understand that you may not know what your business needs to succeed online and at Watson Media, we don’t expect you too. If you would like, you can leave the ideas and designs up to us. We have your success in mind.
  1. Content Writer – Leave the writing to expert crafters. Our writers will hone in on your marketing strategy to solidify the new look.
  1. New Layouts – If you’re headed towards a redesign, go bold. We’re not talking moving a sidebar left to right, but creating a completely new site to see the new direction. Fresh is appealing, so let us give your website a squeaky clean design.
  1. Rewritten Pages – Websites aren’t complete without optimized pages. We’ll start from scratch to really keep the doors to creativity open. We can rewrite pages of your site so that they are fully optimized.
  1. New Graphics/Images – Welcome the new look with new banners and headers. Your clients will think it’s a different company altogether and that’s good! New images and graphics also play an essential role in search engine placement.
  1. And much, much more!

Watson Media serves some of Florida’s finest beaches including Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Ormond Beach. We also do business with local businesses located in Palm Coast and Port Orange.

We know that companies change their focuses and paths over time. Your website should too. If you’re looking at turning over a new leaf, consider a new layout to really portray your change of focus. Even if you’re not sure, go ahead and contact us NOW for your FREE consultation.

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